Welcome to the website of the Association of the Archery Clubs in the county of Berkshire and two that are in Oxfordshire.  (It’s a long story) County Records Click on the buttons below for the different County Records. Gents Compound  Ladies Compound  Junior Gent Compound U18   Junior Gent Compound U16    Junior Gent Compound U14   Junior Ladies Compound U18  Junior Ladies Compound U16  Junior Ladies Compound U14    Gents Recurve  Ladies Recurve  Junior Gent Recurve U18 Junior Gent Recurve U16 Junior Gent Recurve U14 Junior Gent Recurve U12 Junior Gent Recurve U9 Junior Ladies Recurve U18    Junior Ladies Recurve U16    Junior Ladies Recurve U14  Junior Ladies Recurve U12  Gents Longbow Ladies Longbow  Junior Gent Longbow Junior Ladies Longbow    Ladies Clout Recurve  Gent Clout Recurve  Gent Clout Barebow  Ladies Clout Barebow  Ladies Clout Longbow  Ladies Clout Compound  Gent Clout Compound  Gent Clout Longbow  Compound Recurve Longbow Gents Barebow Junior Gent Barebow Ladies Barebow  Junior Ladies Barebow  Barebow Clout Field Freestyle Compound Limited Compound Unlimited Longbow Traditional Barebow Compound Barebow

A county record claim form can be downloaded HERE.